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About Us

We are a hobby kennel located in Eugene Oregon. Our primary goal is to produce show quality Shetland Sheepdogs with good health and great temperaments. We have produced over 148 champions and many performance dogs. Not all puppies are better than their parents, thus advance the breed, so we offer puppies available for excellent, forever companion and performance homes.  

We offer chilled semen from our males, to approved bitches, owned by students of the breed. We are not interested in making puppies, we are only interested in producing quality Shelties that bring joy and pleasure to their owners. At all times, we reserve the right to refuse sales or service and to screen applicants for approval.

David is an AKC Herding Group judge and I, Sylvia have been raising and showing show Shelties for over
50 years. We have had top winning dogs in all venues, but specifically in conformation. At the time, we are concentrating on the sable colors.

When we have puppies available, you will be asked to send an email telling us what you are looking for.  Do you want a show dog, breeding stock or a pet that will be neutered?  Male or female?  Big or small?  Then tell us about yourself and how your puppy will fit into your family. We specifically want to know what happened with your last dog. We might not be able to fill your exact order, we aren’t Amazon, but we can tell you if we have something that we think will suit you.

Feel free to contact us at Sylviacalderwood@aol.com

Home :: Boys :: Girls :: Available